SciTERTech’s PCB engineering team works with clients across the globe addressing solutions for highly complex PCB design solutions meeting IPC specifications. PCB Engineering solutions include High Speed PCB Design, SI Analysis (Time Domain and Frequency Domain analysis), EMI/EMC, Thermal and Reliability Analysis. World's leading companies have used our services over the last several years building state-of-the art PCB design technology solutions. The company has current state of the art CAE software tools to cater to ever growing demands in the Electronic Design Automation field.
We accomplish development and optimization of controller interface products through our wide experience in analog signal processing technology.

PCB Design

 ♦ High Speed digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs
 ♦ High Density PCBs : > 500 pins / Sq.inch
 ♦ High Layer count boards : 20+ layers
 ♦ High Speed Interconnects : 3.125 Gbps
 ♦ Impedance/Delay matching
 ♦ Blind and Buried Vias
 ♦ Fine Pitch BGA (0.5mm), High Pin count BGA (1764 pins)
 ♦ Motherboards, High Speed Serial Backplanes, Single board computers
 ♦ ASIC Evaluation boards, Probe Cards
 ♦ Mechanically constrained PCBs
 ♦ Expertise on Mentor Graphics and Cadence tools


 ♦ Orcad Capture CIS
 ♦ Orcad Layout 9.2, 10.0
 ♦ Cadenece Allegro 15.1 & 15.2
 ♦ SPECCTRA shape based router
 ♦ Mentor Graphics' Expedition, PADS
 ♦ Altium's PCAD
 ♦ CAM350
 ♦ Autodesk's AutoCAD 2004