Why Us

    Outsourcing technology development is a strategic decision that has both benefits and risks. Choosing a design partner entails understanding their associated risks and strengths and evaluating the tradeoffs.
    To understand why SciTER Tech is your best choice, you first have to understand what you should look for in a design partner and the risks to be aware of. Below is a brief list of some of the key items that should be considered.

Experience :

    Our senior staff and management teams have a combined 20 years of experience in the embedded system design (hardware and software) and IT business.

Local Management & Local Lead Engineering :

    All program management and lead technical engineering is performed by our US based senior technical staff. Other engineering duties are performed by the team members at design center(s) that make the most sense for each individual project.

Realistic Schedules & Cost Estimates :

    We do not work with unrealistic schedules and unachievable deliverables. Our schedules and costing are as accurate as we can be. If our customers want a fixed cost project, we submit project based proposals and if our clients need proposals based on Man Months, we cater to that as well.

Dynamic & Flexible Teams & Coasts :

    Dynamic/Flexible Teams & Cost - We "right-size" our staff for your particular needs. If you have a short time frame and a highly complex project, we would deploy our Sr. Engineers to deliver a quality design in short period of time.
If cost is your main concern, we would work with you for a tradeoff; typically being schedule and/or reduced
complexity. If your requirements are somewhere in-between, we blend the above strategies to achieve the
right-size team to maximize our value to you.

Single Point of Contacts & Responsibility :

    Our program managers handle all communications within our design center(s). Your point of contact is always close at hand and responsive to your needs design in a short period of time. Product life spans have become very short. Several years is a long product life time these days. Missing production dates by one to two months, or incorrectly scheduling development completion dates, can cause potentially profitable products to become infeasible or marginally profitable. Sometimes it makes sense not to cut corners and look for the lowest bid out there when there is a potential for the project/product to fail due to unrealistic schedules and/or missed deliverables.

Beware of Hidden Cost :

      ♦ Cost Attrition
      ♦ Cost of delayed communication
      ♦ Cost of additional internal review and oversight when concerned about the performance
      ♦ Cost of miscommunications

Beware of the risk :

      ♦ Privacy protection of the Engagement and Surrounding matters
      ♦ IP Protection
      ♦ Employee labor laws of the country the design firm is in and how they might affect your engagement
      ♦ Contractual and Legal dispute resolution